10 Super Cute iPhone Wallpapers For A Strong Self(ie)

Written by Marloes

On September 5, 2018

Together with the awesome team of STRONG self(ie), I’ve designed this super cute iPhone Wallpaper Collection for you! Now you can let your favorite quotes serve as a daily reminder to be your Strongest Self(ie).

Strong Selfie Subscription Box

Items from the Summer ’18 Strong Selfie Subscription Box

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It’s not easy being a girl today. Expectations are high and the #struggleisreal. That’s why MOM-trepreneurs Kristen and Stephanie decided to launch the STRONG self(ie) Subscription Box.

“We inspire girls to #strugglestrong and guide them in becoming their confident STRONG self(ie)”

STRONG self(ie) Subscription Box

STRONG self(ie) offers two cute quarterly subscription boxes for girls between ages 8-12 and 13-17. Each handpicked item that goes into the box inspires girls to make smart choices, be their happy selves and to empower others through kindness.

STRONG self(ie) For Parents

The STRONG self(ie) Subscription Box offers great support for parents who want to create a strong(er) relationship with their girls. All boxes contain fun games and bonding activities to teach parents how to be there for her, every step of the journey.

Strong Selfie Subscription Box

Celebrate each season with a Strong Selfie Subscription Box

Fall Boxes Are Ready To Ship

STRONG self(ie) sends out 4 boxes per year- 1 box delivered each season (March, June, September, and December). From what I’ve seen, the Fall Box looks amazing this year. And they’ve already started shipping out!

A Sneak Peak

Curious what’s inside this year’s Fall box? Luckily, I can share this sneak peak with you and I love it. See here: The STRONG self(ie) Exclusive Morse Code bracelet!Sneak Peak strong Self(ie) Subscription Box

I believe this box is perfect for girls and definitely recommend signing up for STRONG self(ie)'s Quarterly Membership, because they sell out fast!

>> Use code BOX10 to get $10 off your first subscription box

or 5OFF for $5 Off a year subscription.

PS The STRONG self(ie) Box also makes for the cutest birthday gift!


Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers

Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers

Dream Big iPhone Wallpaper

Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers

Self Love iPhone WallpaperStrong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers

>> Download All 10 Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers On StrongSelfie.com <<
Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers

>> Download All 10 Strong Selfie iPhone Wallpapers On StrongSelfie.com <<

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